How To Make A Skype Video Call

1. Put the Skype app on your smart phone - you can download it for free from here:

2. If you don't already have one, create a new Skype account here:

3. Using your new Skype account, log into the Skype app on your smart phone.

4. Once logged into the Skype app on your smart phone, use the search box to find the 'Skype ID' of the person you want to start a video call with.

5. If this is your first time contacting them in Skype, press the blue 'say hi' button so that they can say hi back, confirm that they know you and they can establish a known contacts connection with you.

6. Once they have replied to you, you can press the video icon in the top right hand corner and start a video call with your contact.

7. At the end of the video call, select the end call button to hang up.