Skin Problems

Had terrible problems with my skin – diagnosed with Contact Dermatitis. Extremely red, dry and itchy, particularly at night. Scratched so much my skin ended up cracking, weeping and bleeding. Got so badly infected was referred to A & E by my Doctor one evening. Was on course after course of Antibiotics and Steroid Cream. Only finished a course and was back to Square 1 and had to start another course.

Found Gillian’s website one day and liked the sound of her and made an appointment. She was excellent, so helpful and encouraging. Gillian tried a few different remedies – all helped in their own small way, but my skin was so bad didn’t notice a huge difference for a while, but in fact, it was getting better bit by bit ‘til I’m now at the stage where my skin has completely healed up, even my hands, particularly right hand, which was red raw up until about 2 months ago.

My hands look so well now I even started to wear my rings again recently. Before, they were so sore and dreadful looking, didn’t want to draw attention to them. I can’t thank Gillian enough for turning my life around. Without her, I’d still be on the antibiotic merry-go- round!

Caitríona (Donnycarney) 


Hot Flushes

'I had suffered from severe hot flushes for six months before I went to see Gillian, up to seven times a day and three times during the night. The stress they created became unbearable, but I really wanted to avoid HRT. Gillian's thorough investigation of the issue saw the problem completely go away within 48 hours. I have been flush-free for many weeks now and I am back to having a normal life again. I cannot recommend her highly enough.'




My anxiety improved after visiting Gillian, even just her taking the time to listen to me and let me explain in my own way what was going on and happening to make me so upset and nervous. After her deciding which remedy would be best for me, the simple instructions made it very easy to take them as I had been advised. When I returned for a follow up a few weeks later, I was like a different person.

Mary H