A Sample Of Our Homeopathy Areas Of Use

Anxiety - Anxiety can affect people in many ways, we are all at times anxious about something , from an event to attend , meeting new people or anything that for somebody else could be seen as just a part of everyday life. However for someone who is affected in any way by their anxieties life can become very traumatic. Homeopathy can help the person affected overcome their dilemma.

Infant colic
- This can be very distressful for the baby and there are many possible causes of what is a very worrying time for the parent of a small baby who may be screaming with the discomfort brought about by this condition. The correct Homeopathic remedy will help alleviate and may prevent colic for baby, suitable to be used for both breast and bottle fed babies.

Pain management
- Homeopathic medicines are catered to the individual, by doing this the homeopathic remedy chosen matches the symptoms of the patient, leading to the diminishing and removal of symptoms giving relief from pain. Allowing for greater mobility and quality of life.

- good health is important and looking after yourself and staying healthy is as important as dealing with any poor health you might be subject to.

- Many people have found using homeopathic medicines extremely useful in relieving the migraine symptoms.

- if you suffer from Heartburn, indigestion, constipation and many other digestive problems you may find homeopathic medicines can give great relief without the side effects of using antacids constantly.

- For some women this can be a very distressing time of their life, using homeopathic remedies can help this time in life pass through with less stress, whether its hot flushes, mood swings, sleepless nights, erratic bleeding etc. There is a remedy to suit you.

Fertility issues
- Our hormones are all about balance, the right amounts at the right time. For some people for whatever reason their balance/ levels are out of sync. Using the correct homeopathic medicines in these situations can resolve this issue for many.

Skin conditions
– such as Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis can be relieved using homeopathy. The symptoms of these conditions can be alleviated with use of various homeopathic preparations.