Children’s Health

Have you noticed how children always manage to become sick at the most awkward times.  In many famillies parents are often working and have little quality time with their children. Who wants this time taken up feeling helpless nursing the child who is unwell.  

Homeopathy can help, North Dublin Homeopathy (Gillian Wray) will guide you in using homeopathic remedies for your child and when a consultation is needed, her expertise and knowledge in the use of homeopathy will be invaluable to you. 

 Homeopathy is known for its fast acting quick relief for many of the typical illnesses that children get.  From the usual coughs, colds and sore throats that come along almost immediately they return to crèche or school after the holidays, to ailments such as Chicken Pox and all the other itchy, spotty, uncomfortable and distressing diseases that are often passed on in the community. There are homeopathic medicines to deal with all the symptoms.

Keeping your children healthy is one of the most important things you can do for them. every parent will do this to their best ability. You may have chosen not to vaccinate your child, or to delay the process, likewise you may have decided you wished to have some or all of the immunisations recommended as scheduled.

Whatever options you have chosen you can use homeopathic medicines as required for any illness that the children might be exposed to. It is possible to give a child what is termed a constitutional homeopathic remedy to enhance their wellbeing and help their vitality and growth throughout their young life. By enhancing this vitality the immune system is reinforced, reducing their susceptibility to illness.