For some women this can be a very distressing time of their life, using homeopathic remedies can help this time in life pass through with less stress, whether its hot flushes, mood swings, sleepless nights, erratic bleeding etc. Not everyone suffers with the exact same symptoms when going through the menopause.

Some women are lucky to experience little or no discomfort, either emotionally or physically. Others suffer from many different ailments during this time, each person is individual and will experience this in varying degrees.

By how much and speed of change will affect the way you are able to tolerate any changes in your hormonal levels will reflect in any symptoms you may have. Homeopathic medicines will help. There is a remedy to suit you - and there is a remedy worth discussing called Sepia which comes from a cuttlefish.  Just ask for a consultation with Gillian Wray at North Dublin Homeopathy.