Menstrual Issues

These can be very distressing for one, every girl / woman is most likely going to experience a severe period pain at least once.

For many it is something that may only last for the first few hours on the first day of her period. For others it can be the most devastating and debilitating time of the month. For some it may even mean having to go to bed for a few hours or even a whole day or more. Depending on the symptoms associated with it, some will dread those few days.

For period pains and PMS there are some very effective homeopathic medicines that can help you get on with living your life.

Remedies such as Chamomilla, Pulsatilla and Sepia are a few of the commonly known ones that can be used, perhaps you have tried these and they have not quite hit the spot, there are many other possible homeopathic medicines, you may need a consultation to find the one to suit you.