Possibly after infant colic, teething for babies can be most distressing for infant and parent. Most people would be familiar with teething gels and homeopathic infant drops to help alleviate the discomfort associated with what for some are these very early months in your infant’s life. No two babies are exactly alike, even twins have their slight differences and personalities.

One of the most common homeopathic preparations for teething is Chamomilla, but what if your baby is not showing the symptoms associated with a typical Chamomilla baby. Perhaps their symptoms are more associated with one of the other great homeopathic remedies used for teething. Such as Calc. carb. or possibly Phytolacca.

There is an almost endless list of possible homeopathic medicines that can be given to an infant for their teething troubles. Sometimes it is difficult to decide what is the best one to use, especially if the child has other symptoms such as diarrhoea or a cold or signs of an earache whilst they are teething 

Do you as a parent or minder spend endless nights walking the floor, pushing a buggy or driving around the area, doing anything and everything to try and settle the child. Maybe you tried a homeopathic remedy, found it useful, but was unsure how much you could give or the chosen remedy did not work after a while. 

Do you have concerns about giving too much or giving or not enough of a homeopathic medicine to your small baby. In these circumstances a consultation with a homeopath is advisable, rather than constantly trying different remedies from your homeopathic first aid kit or remedy supplier.